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Accepting Gently Used Items

Cars Trucks (In any condition)
Washer/Dryer Freezer Oven Refrigerator
Sofa / Couch No Mattresses but Frames Okay Coffee Table
Dining Table & Chairs Armchair Wall Mirror
Bedroom Suite Dresser Mattress
Recliner No Desks but Chairs Okay Box Spring
Chest of Drawers Table Microwave Cart
Entertainment Center Bed Frame Bookcase
Game Counsels Luggage Clothing*
Games DVD/VCR Players** Shoes**
Adult Bicycle Computers** Kitchen Items**
Treadmill Electronics** Jewelry**
Large/Small T.V. DVDs/CDs** Toys**
Exercise Bike Microwave** Books**
Weights Stereo Decór**/Lamps
Large Area Rugs Musical Instrument Magazines**
Artwork Knick Knacks** Antiques

*Please help us by making sure all clothing items do not have tears, stains, mildew, or strong cigarette/pet odors. Please place clean, folded clothes in a clean, plastic bag when donating.
**Please put all small items in a stackable box with a lid or flaps that close. Thank you!

Food Pantry Items Needed

Beef      Chicken      Hot Dogs     Sausage
Fresh Veggies
Corn      Peas      Carrots     Potatoes     Beans
Dry Goods
Rice       Pasta
Canned Goods

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Thank YOU! By donating your gently used gear, you are joining us in the fight against homelessness, hunger, addiction, and spiritual poverty.

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    We appreciate all donations... however if your donation is broken or in really bad condition, we may have to turn it away. Also, if you don't mind, we can receive smaller sized donations right at our stores. You are a blessing and we sure do appreciate your kind gesture of donating.


Anything Broken or Damaged (We are unable to make repairs), Pianos, Organs, Paint, Tires, Auto Parts, Construction Supplies, Child Car Seats, Baby Cribs With Sliding Rails, Dishwashers, Gas Appliances, School Textbooks, Sports Helmets.

Please help us reduce our expenses by not giving items we cannot sell. Help us by disposing of items we are not able to accept, along with anything broken and damaged, to your trash, recycling, or hazardous waste service.

Thank you for helping us as well as our environment!

Tax-deductible receipts are issued for donations.